Brunch n' Beer

Discover the complex world of beer pairing – and pass the syrup!

It’s 5 O’Clock somewhere, right? Well, if you mean 5 a.m., it sure is! Move over mimosas; beer is climbing the ranks as the new brunch beverage. Sure, bottomless mimosas and Bloodys are the traditional go-tos, but beer is much more versatile. Packed with different flavors, aromas, and levels of ABV, beer makes the perfect pairing for all kinds of breakfast options. You’ll never have to worry about getting another weak mimosa again!  

Paired with these five dishes, you’ll have the perfect excuse to have a beer before noon.

1. Dish: Bagel with Lox | Beer: Old Redwood Brewery- Fulton 2.0, Honey Wheat Ale, ABV 7.4%

The Fulton 2.0— A Honey Wheat brewed with 50 lbs of Sonoma County wildflower honey and a touch of chamomile; this light-bodied, floral beer is a perfect match for lighter dishes. While the wheat coordinates with the bagel, the honey notes complement the dishes savory counterparts. With each sip, this beer balances the saltiness of the smoked salmon (and capers, if you’re into them), lifts the heaviness of the cream cheese and preps you for the next bite.

 2. Dish: Eggs Benedict | Beer: Lagunitas- DayTime Ale, “Fractional IPA”, ABV 4.65%

Straight from the horse’s mouth, the DayTime Ale pairs with, “breakfast.” Yes, you read that right. The “fractional IPA” still has a healthy dose of dry hops and toasty malt to satisfy your beer craving, but a low enough ABV to ensure you make it to work that day. The light body and aromas of pine and grapefruit stand up to the heart-stopping hollandaise sauce and velvety egg yolks. A true brunch classic with a twist.

3. Dish: Belgian Waffle with Fresh Berries | Beer: Crooked Goat Brewing- Bramble Wheat Ale, ABV 5.0%

Beer and Belgian waffles, a match made in heaven. Fermented with blackberries in the fermentation stage, the Bramble Wheat Ale has a fresh fruit element with a subtle, smooth wheat finish. The complex fruity aromas and pleasant tartness harmonize with the berry toppings, as the wheat blends with the sweet batter of the waffle. Want to shake it up a bit? Add a splash of beer to your batter. It imparts just the right amount of yeasty goodness for a golden crispy crunch.

 4. Dish: Cinnamon French Toast | Beer: Old Redwood Brewery- The Fortress – Stout, Russian Imperial ABV 10.2%

Dark, thick, and sinful— pair this mega Stout with something sweet! Brewed with the utmost malted barley, the roasted, smoky, depth makes for one strong brew. Consider The Fortress one step up from a giant cup of black coffee— the bold coffee notes, and evident traces of chocolate and molasses, marry seamlessly with a few slices of fluffy Cinnamon French Toast (don’t forget the maple syrup). Beware, this breakfast is not intended for the faint of heart.

5. Dish: Breakfast Tacos | Beer: Fieldwork Brewery- King Citra, Double IPA, ABV 8.7%

There’s something to be said about freshly squeezed OJ and a good ol’ Breakfast Taco. But, what if I told you there is something even better? Ladies and gentleman, let me introduce you to the King Citra: A double IPA bursting with aromas of mom’s freshly squeezed oranges from the backyard. Packed with a refreshing citrus flavor, it rounds out the spicy, salty qualities of the taco. If you’re still craving that OJ, this IPA makes a killer beermosa.

Is it beer: 30 yet?

Finally, the wait for 5’ O’Clock is over. Ale and eggs, Honey Wheat and waffles – it’s safe to say beer with breakfast is on the rise. What’s your favorite brunch combo?

Clayton Fritz