Summer Craft Beer Lovin'

Say goodbye to those dark winter ales and hello to the bright golden ales of summer! It’s that time of year again when nothing tastes better than a refreshing cold beer feels (beer pun). A season all about friends, barbecues, beaches, and beer gardens, it’s time to re-engage the taste buds with a thirst quencher leaving you wanting more.

Picture this: It’s a scorcher outside and you finally made time for that dream summer vacation. You are sitting with your toes in the sand, eating a bowl of ceviche so fresh it’s practically still swimming, and you reach for that ice cold beverage next to you…

What is it? A margarita? Maybe, but chances are it’s some variation of a crisp easy-going beer infused with lime. Drinkability aside, brewed to elevate the common lager, golden ales and wheat beers (or weissbiers ) are quickly becoming a summer staple. Fruity, floral, and crisp-hopped, they are made for the job. An opportunity for breweries to also capture the crowd of non-ale drinkers (or so they think) and introduce them to the lighter (yet flavorful) side of craft beer.

Beer of the month:

Fulton 2.0 | 7.4% ABV 15 IBU | Honey Wheat with Chamomile

nother fan favorite is back and on tap!

No dark malts here, this Honey Wheat has a rich golden color meant for the sun-soaked days. Brewed with 50 lbs of local Sonoma County wildflower honey and a touch of local chamomile, the nose is full of floral with a light finish. Sweet but not too sweet, the floral notes complement the honey nicely, making it a refreshing summer favorite.

Food pairing:

Some things just belong together: Salt and pepper, pen and paper, bacon and everything…although, nothing goes better together than beer and food. Of course, there is never a bad choice in beer, any season anywhere. Even the darkest of stouts can pair with barbecued delicacies, chiming in with rich toasted malt flavors. However, there is something to be said about polishing off an ice cold golden ale at a Fourth of July BBQ or lakeside in August.

As for the few days when it’s almost too hot to cook, the Fulton 2.0 is your go-to beer. It’s an excellent match for a vibrant citrus salad, seafood, and for those with a sweet tooth, a slice of key lime pie for a winning combination.

What’s your favorite summer brew? Stop by the taproom and tell us all about it!


Clayton Fritz