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Our mission is to provide high – quality, premium beers, supplemented with the finest Sonoma County ingredients to the world.


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Hops are a recent addition to the brewer's toolbox, having only been widely used for the last 600 years or so... Before then brewers would use proprietary blends of herbs and spices (things like yarrow, bog myrtle, rosemary, juniper, or heather) to add bitterness to their beers. Hops gained popularity as they are intensely bitter, and happen to have anti-microbial properties. This allowed brewers to lower the alcoholic strength of their beers and increase the shelf life.

Depending on when the hops are added to the beer in the brewing process they can add intense bitterness, or the piney, citrusy, fruity flavors that are found in IPA's and other hoppy beers. 

Like grapes there are dozens of varietals of hops each one known for its own unique blend of flavors that it adds to a beer. Everything from the spicy floral hops in the beers of Germany to the fruity, citrusy tropical IPA's being brewed all over the country


Water makes up the vast majority of beer and can have a profound impact on the flavor of the finished beer. Here in the Russian River Valley we're blessed with having soft water. Soft water is not necessarily better for brewing but it provides more of a blank slate to create the flavor profiles we want. By adding various forms of salt to the base water we can subtly enhance desired flavors in the finished beer - Enhancing the bitter, citrusy notes in an IPA or letting caramel and toffee notes shine through in a malty Red Ale. Soft water is ideal for brewing lighter, crisper beers - Pilsners, Lagers, or our Cream Ale. 



Ty Stevenson, Head Brewer of Old Redwood Brewing Co., discovered his passion for beer and brewing three years ago while in college. Having earned a brewing certification from Siebel Institute of Technology, he continued to pursue his passion for beer, homebrewing every two weeks for the past two-and-a-half years.

Now, as Head Brewer and Taproom Manager, Ty continues to challenge himself to provide the best customer experience possible. With hard work comes a big reward, and that is, “.... Having customers come in, try the beer that I brewed, and tell me that it is one of the best beers they’ve ever had.”

When asked to describe himself in just three words: persistent, honorable, and unorthodox come to mind. A people person with a visible passion to achieve goals, Ty is an exceptional member of the Old Redwood family. Usually found brewing to the sounds of Nirvana, stop by, grab a beer, and ask him about Napoleon Hill; you won’t be disappointed.

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