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  • The Fulton desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $17
    7.4% ABV 14 IBU Honey Wheat with Chamomile This light bodied golden ale is brewed with local Sonoma County wildflower honey and a touch of chamomile. This easy drinking ale is loaded with Floral notes, one can taste the honey without the ale being sweet. Be careful, The Fulton packs a punch!

  • Sunup Saison desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $17
    Lemon Pepper Saison 6.9% ABV 27 IBU Brewed with fresh lemon peel and peppercorns this Saison is light and summery. Citrus notes come through clearly, while the peppercorns lurk until the finish. Traditionally brewed on farms throughout Belgium and northern France Saisons were made to be light, easy drinking and very refreshing. They were brewed for the farm workers to drink during the hot summer months. But you don't need a day of backbreaking labor to enjoy this one.

  • The Fortress desc.
    Draft: $7 Sold Out!Bottle: $18
    10.0% ABV 65 IBU - No Pints 4 oz pours only Russian Imperial Stout - Silver Medal Winner Named after Fort Ross - The southernmost hub of Russian fur traders in the US - This is a big malty, roasty Imperial Stout. Made with roasted barley and a touch of molasses this roasty beer is loaded with flavors of dark chocolate and coffee.

  • The Pumpkin King desc.
    Draft: $7 Sold Out!Bottle: $16
    6.9% ABV 34 IBU Spiced Pumpkin Ale Made with locally grown heirloom pumpkins grown on the Fritz Estate and the finest spices from around the globe. This is a rich, slightly sweet, Brown ale. Not to heavy on the pumpkin or the spice this beer creates a perfect partnership of pumpkin, spices, and beer.

  • Timber desc.
    Draft: $7 Sold Out!Bottle: $15
    8.0% ABV 70 IBU Imperial Red This is a big bold Imperial Red. Caramel malts give this big red its backbone, one of chewy light toffee to temper its bitterness. This beer is brewed with tons of Cascade hops giving the beer a piney, citrusy finish.

  • Diablo Del Oro desc.
    Draft: $7 Sold Out!Bottle: $16
    7.4% ABV 33 IBU Belgian Golden Ale This light golden ale is seductively smooth and packs a surprising punch. This Belgian certainly is a wily devil, seducing the pallet with fruity and spicy notes, tantalizing you into just one more sip... Don't worry though, your soul's not at stake. Salud Bottle Special 30% Off!

  • The Highway desc.
    Draft: $7 Sold Out!Bottle: $14
    5.7% ABV 45 IBU Old Style IPA IPA's came about in the 1800's as pale beers skyrocketed in popularity. The pale ale was the drink of choice in England. IPA's were invented to meet the demand of the English population living in India - Extra hops and alcohol would help the beer survive its long sea voyage to the subcontinent without spoiling. Enjoy this well-balanced medley of traditional and modern hops complemented by a perfect combination of pale and caramel malts.

  • River Rider desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $11
    Cream Ale 6.2% ABV 15 IBU The River Rider is a nice, light, easy drinking Cream Ale. This beer is perfect for those hot summer days. Brewed with wheat and corn this beer is light and easy on the pallet with notes of sweet corn balancing out its light, pleasant bitterness. Winner - Best American Light Ale - 2016 Battle of the Brews

  • Little Windsor desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $10
    5.5% ABV 75 IBU The Little Windsor is a light bodied, refreshing IPA. Unlike its big brothers this IPA has very little of the 'classic' piney and resinous flavors. Instead it is bursting with lemony citrus notes on a background of pineapple and tropical fruit. Cheers

  • The Shillelagh desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $16
    7.2 % ABV 22 IBU Shi-lay-lee - Crafted from blackthorn timber, these Irish walking sticks were traditionally used as a weapon. They were brandished in duels, settling gentlemanly disputes, as well as carried daily for self defense. Today the Shillelagh is a prominent symbol of a proud Irish heritage. This red ale is fermented with a traditional Irish yeast and brewed with a wee bit o' black malt lending a deep mahogany hue. This red ale is surprisingly light and easy drinking. Lots of caramel and toffee notes are present throughout this beer, with a light, spicy bitterness on the finish. Inviting one to take another sip.

  • Windsor Wit desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $13
    The Windsor Wit is a Belgian Style Witbeer brewed with fresh raspberries. Its a nice light, slightly tart beer with lots of fresh fruit flavors married to a refreshing wheat beer. Perfect for Quaffing on those hot summer days 5.6% ABV 18 IBU

  • The Burl desc.
    Draft: $7Bottle: $15
    Redwood burls have been long sought after by craftsmen for their intricate and unique appearance. Like a prized burl, our Dubbel Abbey Ale pours a dark brown with an amber hue. Brewed with Belgian Candi Syrup, this ale exhibits soft caramel, spice, and molasses character, and maintains a lighter body. Pair off with light buttery cheeses or a rich gorgonzola, a steak with pan sauce, or a mild chocolate.

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